The Return….

Hi Everyone it’s Danny. Long time no type (speak) I don’t know….

I am going to make my returning blog post all about why I have not been reading as much and as a result not been writing as much as well. Sophie has criticised this idea thinking all I am going to write is “I haven’t read much due to my work”. Of course this, to a certain degree, is true, however there is a lot of other factors included in this.

I started my reading challenge in 2016 with high hopes (The Lumineers song stuck in my head now) and continued reading constantly throughout, part of this was down to my last job being less friendly. In that I really didn’t have what I would call friends more like acquaintances. As a result I would always drive to a secluded spot on my lunch break, eat my lunch and read a chapter of a book. I do genuinely miss this, as introvert as it might seem. I started my new job in April, in regards to my future career it was the right choice I also met people with similar backgrounds and interests and the general vibe was friendly unlike my last job. As a result I soon found myself looking to make meaningful relationships by chatting to my colleagues over lunch rather than secluding myself. As a result I am now stuck (not that I think I would be stoned for skipping one lunchtime) and feel as though I can not simply stop and go and read to myself anymore, no matter how much I miss reading on my lunch, I would miss what I am doing now more.

Further to this, I have also developed my professional skills to the point where I now have a lot more responsibility than ever before. This has also came at a price, my spare time is dwindling and I am stuck between a social life (if that’s even a possibility) and a reading life. Me and Sophie used to spend nights reading together, her enthusiasm washed over me and made me so excited to read. This again had the same effect when Sophie went into a reading slump, I too would be in a reading slump. Sophie’s shifts are different to mine and therefore she reads during the day and then watches television with me on the night, I would rather spend my time with Sophie than sit in the corner and read as much as I enjoy it. This again is why I have found it hard to pick up as many books as I was at the beginning of last year.

Last year I set myself an unrealistic target of 167 books (or something like that) this was a challenge from the previous year, which was that I was going to read the same amount of books as I had instagram followers. This did not go well, with my changing work situation, our wedding planning, new house and everything else that soaked up my free time. I have therefore set myself a more realistic challenge this year of 50 books. I am hoping that this will give me more drive as it is a more manageable target. I have only read 2 books so far this year, The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken and The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket. Both easy fun reads and both parts of longer series, I think I will try and read more of the same this year.

Me and Sophie are now starting to read more and I am much happier for it. We also have siblings who love reading and again inspire us to do the same. My work is difficult without a structure and I find it difficult to do much now without a structure. Therefore Sophie and I are looking to create some kind of Structure to our blog. In the meantime though I have had a few ideas for my own writing.

  • TV Adaptation of The Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Tryachapter
  • 5 Book friends challenge

More to come shortly, I look forward to re-joining you bibliophiles in pursuit of my new all time favourite book, hopefully it won’t take long until I am not seen without a book.



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