The Hunger Games: a Review

After watching The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 1 and loving them I thought it was about time to read the books by Suzanne Collins. As anyone who has read my previous posts will know that I decided to try and read all three as part of the Slay that Series week. I think it is safe to say that working life got in the way. I read the first book in the slay that series week and really enjoyed it. For those who haven’t read I will keep my review Spoiler-less, or at least I will try, once I start writing I find it difficult to stop my fingers. The best thing about The Hunger Games was the sub-plot that you do not learn about in the films though I really do believe that the films surpass the books due to the imagery and the casting being perfect. I really enjoyed the book and it comes a close second to the film. But I felt that the film encapsulated the book so perfectly and on top of that brought the world of Panem into life. My love of film has a lot to do with it and the fact that for me the story is the most entertaining part and the book and the film are almost identical making it hard to see what you gain from reading the story apart from the sub-plot relating to the Avox’s in the capital. If you did not like the film then do not read the book it will not make a big enough impact to sway your opinion.

I enjoyed Catching Fire a lot more though only 25% of the book was set in the arena unlike the film in which the arena location featured for at least 60% of the duration. I think the main reason for this was that he rest of the story just wasn’t interesting enough to get a mention in the film. When reading I felt that the whole time I was waiting for the climax and the climax just isn’t that climatic. So again I preferred the film, partly because the suspense builds more due to the imagery and the sound and I felt a lot more immersed in the action. I don’t know whether this is just because I wasn’t a fan of Collins’ writing style but I just felt as though I had to read it to get it out of the way ready to read Mockingjay. In other words it is not going to make my favourite reads of all time.

When I got onto Mockingjay I was excited, I had held off watching the final film so I could experience the finale in written form first. Again I was not blown away like I was hoping, I enjoyed the story to a certain extent however I thought the ending was quite predictable and I hated the epilogue, there was no point in it and if anything it ruined the book for me. I did like that people died though I think that Collins goes to far and kills some characters for effect rather than a story. I realise some of you may know the death I am talking about and may even say it is crucial to the storyline but I really do not believe that. I think the story would have been the exact same without that death.

Regardless of my disappointment at the book I was still optimistic about the film. Each film has been better than the book and Mockingjay Part 2 was no exception, if you ignore the ending and the prologue. For anyone who is thinking about reading the books after seeing the films, don’t, there is no point or if you were thinking about reading the books first then save yourself some time and just watch the films. Well that’s all I really feel like saying about these books and even though it may seem like I have slated them I do still like the Hunger Games Trilogy, I just prefer the films.



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