March Wrap-Up

March was a very interesting reading month for me as I completed one of my 2016 reading goals which was to read Manga. Overall I read 9 novels, a collection of short stories and two Manga volumes. So far this was the slowest reading month of the year. This may be due in part to disliking a couple of books early in the month.

We also went to London to visit family, visited Harry Potter studios and I started a new job so it was a busy month. Nevertheless here are my March reads:


Paper Towns by John Green- I read this novel as part of my annual reading challenge and it was unfortunately my least favourite read of the month. I was not a fan of John Green’s work before and this proved no exception. I posted a review of this which you can find here.


Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood- I managed to borrow two books when visiting family in London, books one and two of the MaddAddam trilogy. Oryx and Crake is the first book in the series and I gave it four stars however my view of it has since been hindered by my experience with its sequel.


The Year of The Flood by Margaret Atwood- I did not enjoy the second instalment to the MaddAddam trilogy. I found myself getting bored reading this novel, it did not match up to its predecessor.  It was far too long, the new characters were not as interesting as those in Oryx and Crake. I gave this book two stars.


The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd- For a long time I believed this book would be a five star read. I immediately took to the two title characters Sarah and Hettie, I was invested in their lives and enjoyed the writing style. The reason The Invention of Wings became a three star read was due to the rushed ending. The novel is rounded up in the last couple of pages and I had really wanted something more, there could have been more character development and the ending definitely could have been more memorable. I enjoyed Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees a lot more than this novel so my experience of it will not dissuade me from reading more of her work.


The Purgatorium by Eva Pohler- I read this novel as part of the SlaythatSeries readathon. This was a quick read and although it was fast-paced and suspenseful I wouldn’t recommend it. I gave this YA thriller a one star review on Goodreads. I did not enjoy the writing style and  although I understand what Pohler was trying to do with the ending I found it completely unconvincing.


The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie- I also read this novel as part of the SlaythatSeries readathon. I grew up watching the BBC adaptation with David Suchet so I had high hopes for this novel. I found it very enjoyable despite it being stereotypical and, at times, predictable. However I always give a book a rating based on the genre. I ended up giving this novel five stars. I like the way Poirot is portrayed and loved all the little details.


The Scorch Trials by James Dashner- This is the second novel in The Maze Runner trilogy. The new settings and characters were brilliant. I enjoyed the new obstacles in their way and the new mysteries. However the romance was a little irritating. I gave this novel three stars, I also watched the movie adaptation last month and was surprised at how different it was to the original story. Both the book and the movie intrigued me and made me want more of Dashner’s world.


The Death Cure by James Dasher- I enjoyed the final novel of The Maze Runner trilogy more than the last. I gave this novel four stars, I liked the ending of this trilogy far more than that of The Hunger Games. It made me laugh and cry and was a fast, entertaining read with less focus on action and more on character.


The Pilgrims by Mary Shelley- This is a short story collection I started reading last year. Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is my favourite novel of all time so I am of course a huge fan of her writing style. I gave this collection four stars despite the fact I am not as fond of short story collections as I am of novels.


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer- I did not enjoy Book Two of The Lunar Chronicles as much as Cinder, this is probably because there was more world-building and Levana in the first book of the series. Despite this, the second book had Thorne who was a brilliant addition. The world is expanding and I can’t wait for Cress. As I prefer the fairytale Rapunzel to Little Red Riding Hood I believe I will prefer the next instalment, also I am predicting more Thorne. I gave this novel three stars.



Finally, my favourite reads of the month were Volumes One and Two of Tokyo Ghoul. Volume One is one of my annual challenge reads and I gave it a five star review on Goodreads. I am now addicted to this series. I have since read volume Three and am dying for more. Amy recommended this series to me and it is my first Manga. I will definitely be reading more Manga and continuing the series. I also gave Volume Two five stars, I love both the story and the artwork. As well as the characters of course.







3 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up

  1. Thorne was such a great addition to the series! He just lightens up the whole mood. I’m planning to read the third book this month if I can get to it!
    And I watched the anime of Tokyo Ghoul and it was so good I had to try the manga. I got the first one and loved it! The second and third one are coming to me during April. I can’t wait to get them!
    Great post!


    1. Thanks! I may have to get Cress from the library this month too 😀
      I’m going to watch the anime after I read all the manga so who knows when that will be, it depends how long it takes all the volumes to come out.

      Liked by 1 person

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