SlaythatSeries Update

The SlaythatSeries readathon is from the 13th-20th of March and is hosted by the wonderful Sara and Chami. I have previously posted my readathon tbr that you can find here. Throughout day one I read ‘The Purgatorium’  by Eva Pohler and ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ by Agatha Christie. These books may or may not have appeared on my original tbr, apparently I just didn’t find six books challenging enough. I always find the hardest part of readathons is sticking to your expected reads. Nevertheless, here are some mini-reviews of the books I read in day one.

The first book I read was ‘The Purgatorium’ which is a YA thriller. Pohler’s novel captured my attention, the plot more than the writing style, although I ultimately had a lot of issues with it. That being said the novel was really fast paced and I believe you can download the ebook for free on iBooks. Essentially the novel is about Daphne and Cam, high school friends who believe they are trying out a new holiday resort, Daphne quickly learns that things are not as they seem and begins to question why they are there.

In my opinion, the novel had a lot of potential and yet had very little substance. The setting was both the most beautiful holiday resort you could imagine, and horrifyingly foreign and dangerous. This proved problematic as not only was it cliché but at times distracted me from the plot. The two sides of the resort did not coincide. The novel depicts mental health and references several famous experiments by infamous psychologists, hence the interesting premise. This novel, done well, could have the effect of Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ as it could not only provide an honest insight into the human psyche but it could have left readers terrified.

As the readathon suggests ‘The Purgatorium’ is the first book in what I believe to be a trilogy although I won’t be continuing with the series. I found the storyline completely far-fetched, Daphne’s tragic past in particular. I did not care for Pohler’s main characters Daphne and Cam as they were foolish and manipulative. On the other hand I found the novel fast paced, and enjoyed the references made throughout. Unfortunately I was left disappointed, particularly with the ending. I’m aware of the effect Pohler wanted her ending to have but believe the events at the end of the novel were far from convincing. I’m also unsure of how this would lead to another book as it seemed to have rounded up the story, although badly. Overall I gave this novel 1/5. If you have read this series and believe I should continue to do so please let me know, does the series improve?

The second novel I read was the first of the Hercule Poirot mysteries. I grew up watching the phenomenal BBC series with David Suchet, needless to say I have been dying to finally read the novels. I was not disappointed and find that Poirot is just as loveable in literary form. Although Hastings is definitely more annoying as the clueless side-kick. ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ was a very entertaining read and I have now added the rest of the series to my tbr. Christie’s Poirot series consists of 39 books and I look forward to reading them over the next few years. 5/5

My next read is ‘The Scorch Trials’ by James Dasher which I hope to finish today. I have heard mixed reviews about the second instalment of The Maze Runner Trilogy however I find Dashner’s writing style easy to read and hope ‘The Scorch Trials’ is as fast paced as ‘The Maze Runner.’ I am also looking forward to watching the movie adaptation although I have heard mostly bad reviews.

Danny is also taking part in this readathon and is currently reading book one of Suzanne Collins’ YA dystopian trilogy ‘The Hunger Games.’ Danny will be posting an update soon to share his thoughts.

Are you taking part in SlaythatSeries? If so what are you reading?



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