Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

The Book Archer made this tag that has been circulating for a while. As a group we enjoy watching videos of this tag so have decided to try it for ourselves. For this book tag we are joined by my sisters Amy and Christie.

1. Name a popular book or series that you didn’t like:

A: Because there’s not many books that I dislike, I would have to say the Divergent series, as the most interesting concept of the book (the factions) ended up dissipating and the characters didn’t develop throughout.

C: The Spectacular Now because I thought the narrator was an asshole.

D: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I was bored throughout.

S: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I thought this book was just a string of clichés and as the world’s most emotional person was surprised at how little I cared for the two main characters. Isaac was the only character I cared for.


2. Name a popular book or series that every one else seems to hate but you love.

A: The Maze Runner- I enjoyed the plot to the series and how the characters acted in all of the difficult situations the author presented for them.

C: I don’t think there is one.

D: I don’t know

S: Possession by A.S Byatt. I haven’t heard much about this novel online but during my time at university this seemed like a pretty unpopular book. I thought it was intriguing and intelligent and the characters well written.


3. Name a love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with (warn ppl for spoilers) OR an OTP that you don’t like.

A: The Vampire Academy love triangle with Adrian, Rose and Dimitri. I agree that Rose should have ended up wit Dimitri, but I don’t think she handled her relationship with Adrian ending well- at the end of the series Adrian didn’t get the ending he deserved as one of the best characters, but was disregarded very easily.

C:Liesel and Max (The Book Thief). Not only is Max, to me, a replacement of Liesel’s brother and the family that she lost, I feel Rudy is often forgotten to have been Liesel’s first love.

D: Harry & Hermione

S: Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester. Although their pairing was not the only thing I didn’t like about Bronte’s infamous novel I liked Jane a lot more before she met him. Not only is he a liar but he is also incredibly boring.


4. Name a popular book Genre that you hardly reach for.

A: Autobiographies

C: Horror, because I like books that have storylines.

D: YA Fantasy

S: Romance and Westerns.


5. Name a popular or beloved character that you do not like.

A: Augustus Waters- I found it hard to like him after he spoke in annoying metaphors that didn’t make any sense and began using “OK as their always”

C: Candy from Of Mice and Men. I feel this character was one of the worst in the book, not only is he extremely negative (although this is understandable given the setting, someone in George’s company should appreciate the people now around him) he seems to just accept he is useless and can’t achieve anything- this frustrates me as it seems his character will be stuck on the ranch, being ordered around, forever with no real story to tell.

D: I can’t think of one.

S: Elizabeth Bennet. I am not a fan of Jane Austen as I find her stories to be repetitive, also this novel was particularly dull. By the end of the novel I had grown tired of Elizabeth and found Lydia to be a much more exciting character, along with her other sisters.


6. Name a popular author that you can’t seem to get into.

A: J.K Rowling was quite difficult for me to read. I love the storyline, and so I’m a big fan of the films, but found her writing style too simplistic for my liking and so I haven’t read the full series.

C: I have only read one of Meg Rosoff’s books but I am fairly sure that I will never read another. How I Live Now had no real storyline (if there is a world war, it makes no sense for a teenager to not know who the enemy is or why the war started- to a book about war, isn’t this important?) and all the characters were completely flat. There was nothing worth reading in the entire book.

D:James Dashner although I have only read the Kill Order the fact that I found it boring a pointless has put me off reading the rest, though I am going to persevere as I have heard they are much better.

S: Maggie Stiefvater, although I have only read Lament and have been recommended the Shiver series and The Raven Boys. I hope to read these this year and will post a review. I am not prejudice towards this author so I am quite looking forward to these reads and hope my opinion will change.


7. Name a popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing. (examples “lost princess”, corrupt ruler, love triangles, etc.)

A: I dislike when relationships break down because a character is afraid to hurt the other person, or be hurt. Also, when they break up because one of them has an inferiority complex.

C: I hate the whole ‘They didn’t die in a car crash’ line. If people are going to die mysteriously can someone at least come up with a more interesting cover up than car crash. Now we’re on the subject I feel I have to add that I hate when twins are in books- as soon as they are introduced, I know one will die. As a twin myself, I know that any twin character would quicker kill any all other characters in the book than watch their literal ‘other half’ die.

D: Love Triangles

S: I hate seeing the typical ‘best friend who is secretly (not so secretly) in love with the main character’


8. Name a popular series that you have no interest in reading.

A: Twilight

C: Warm Bodies (or really any book about zombies). I love mythology but it bores me that every zombie book seems to follow the same boring myth- disease leading to a sudden desire to eat people and (normally) immunity to everything but a bullet to the brain. For example, if zombies had to be killed by being nailed into their original graves, zombies would probably provide more challenging competition.

D: Twilight

S: The Lux series, despite the good reviews I’m just not interested in alien books. On that note I could also add The 5th Wave.


9. The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

A: The Maze Runner. Though I’ve already mentioned that I loved the series, the movie was beyond my expectations and far more action-packed than the books. I haven’t watched the Scorch Trials yet, but the only thing that could make the movie series better for me would be more of Newt’s backstory, as he is my favourite character.

C: I enjoyed If I Stay as a book, but I love the film- the actors played their characters extremely well and some scenes (including the montage over Adam’s song and the shot spinning around Mia at the crash) were beautiful. I didn’t cry at the book, but Mia’s granddads scene in the film made me cry.

D: Gone Girl

S: Gone Girl- I strongly disliked this book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest- I liked the book and The Help- I loved this book


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