Sophie’s January Wrap Up!

To mark the first day of February we are back with our first readathon results and our January wrap-ups!

Our January readathon was a challenge to see who could read the most pages in a fortnight. This challenge was done between ourselves and Danny’s sister Sam

And the results are as follows……

In 1st Place with a total of 3,996 pages….ME!

In 2nd Place with a total of 1,567 pages….Danny

In 3rd Place with a total of 1,551 pages….Sam

Now would be a good time to explain that out of the three of us I had the most free time. Although I also believe Danny will never let Sam live her defeat down.

Now to begin the Wrap Ups  

In January I read a total of 15 books including a YA series, a Fantasy series, the first book of a Children’s series (re-read) and a Classic novel I began in December. Overall it proved a very successful and diverse reading month. Here’s hoping I accomplish as much in February. My reads and ratings are below.

City of Bones:  3/5

It’s always harder to enjoy a novel if you have already seen a screen adaptation­. This was the case with City of Bones. I am aware of the controversy over the series and the author but am holding judgement on that as I do not know the facts. I love the shadow hunter world and I believe it to be original.

City of Ashes: 3/5

The second instalment was enjoyable although I believe it was mainly world building and showing character development. This plot was romance-focused with the plot and character development centred around a love triangle which may be why it is probably my least favourite of the series.

City of Glass:  5/5

The third book in the series finished as it started, with a bombshell. This book was probably my favourite of The Mortal Instruments as it proved to be a turning point for the whole novel.

City of Fallen Angels: 4/5

This novel did not match up to the previous though the tension building was good and I liked the ending.

City of Lost Souls: 5/5

This one matched City of Glass in terms of quality and was fast paced & jam-packed from beginning to end.

City of Heavenly Fire: 4/5

I was disappointed with the ending of the series! It was an enjoyable read but the ending was not all I was hoping it would be.

The Magician’s Nephew:  5/5

This was a re-read and though I remember it being my favourite of the series I forgot how funny it was. I co-read this with Danny and we both laughed a lot. It was sweet and magical and witty. I loved it and can’t wait to finish reading the rest of the series.

A Game of Thrones: 4/5

Here I had the same problem that I had with City of Bones. Being a huge fan of the show I found the book to be an exact match of the first season. Nevertheless this was obviously no fault of George R R Martin and as I love the story/stories I felt it necessary to give this four out of five stars.

A Clash of Kings: 5/5

In A Game of Thrones’ sequel we get to know of a few added extras that are not shown in HBO’s series. This book is a lot bigger than the previous and is crammed with excitement.

A Storm of Swords:  3/5

Every time I rate a book five stars it’s hard for the next book to match my expectations. I was also wary that this was part one of two for the first time, all the excitement must have been left for the second instalment of A Storm Of Swords.

A Storm of Swords:Blood&Gold: 5/5

I will forever refer to this book as ‘the one where everyone dies’ and though it is heart-wrenchingly tragic it is also so so good. This instalment was fast-paced and may have given me heart palpitations. I recommend having a medically trained professional close by at all times when reading this book. Blood&Gold makes the whole series worth reading.

A Feast for Crows: 4/5

Again, the last book was hard to out-do. This book seemed slower paced than the last. Although it too was captivating, its very easy to get lost in Martin’s world.

A Dance with Dragons:Dreams&Dust: 4/5

I loved the storylines of characters who are not in the show! This made the series so much more exciting for me and left me eager for the seventh book.

A Dance with Dragons:After the Feast:  5/5

This ending was so good! Now I join Martin’s league of fans in wait for the next instalment!

My Antonia: 3/5

I enjoyed this book though it took me a long time to finish reading. Both the beginning and the ending will stay with me for a long time, which is impressive in itself. I love Cather’s main characters Antonia&Jim. It lost stars purely because in my opinion it was not gripping, it’s definitely a slow-burner.



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