Reading Challenges

We are currently undergoing a reading challenge with Sam, Danny’s younger sister. This challenge tests who can read the most in a fortnight. This is judged in terms of pages rather than novels as I am currently reading George R R Martin’s series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ which are all very large novels. We have just started week two of the challenge so the results will be posted a week today. This is the first reading challenge of the year and so far it has been really enjoyable.

So far this year, I have read 10 novels. I started the year with Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instrument’ series. I will post a review of the series soon.

We have also decided to take part in reading challenges based on the booktube channel ‘Ermahgerd Berks.’ This challenge consists of recommending five books for one another to read throughout the year that either: they would not normally read, has said they would read but haven’t got around to it yet or a book with themes that you’d like to discuss. We will be choosing five books for each other and our sisters and vice versa. The books I have been challenged to read are as follows:

From Danny:

1984- the political aspect of this novel intimidates me thus I have put off reading it to date

Things Fall Apart- Highly anticipated!

Politics&The English Language- I’m probably least looking forward to this

Cirque du Freak- A childhood favourite of Danny’s, this is enough reason to want to read it.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime- A little black classic by Oscar Wilde. I have as of yet only read Dorian Grey which I absolutely adored. I find it difficult to separate his fiction from his life which makes reading his work all the more enjoyable.


From Sam:

Paper Towns- By an author I so far can’t get into having read The Fault in Our Stars last year which I was not fond of

The Pact & The Storyteller- Both Jodi Picoult novels. I have not read her work in a long time and am wary of these novels, I am however excited to review these.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Cafe- This is the novel I am most looking forward to out of these recommendations having heard great things about the book and the movie- this will most likely make an appearance on Movie-Adaptation Monday!

Poison Study- I am excited for this novel, the first in a series. However I will probably leave this till last having already read two series this year.


From Amy:

The 39 Steps- Classic crime is a genre I have not really experienced. I am excited for this read and have also heard great things about his subsequent novel ‘Greenmantle.’

More Than This- I have been wanting to read Ness’s work for a while.

Norse Myths- Although I own and am interested in mythology books I haven’t read any yet. I will probably read this alongside another book.

The Young Sherlock Holmes- I also own the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle and the novels by Anthony Horowitz, I think it will be interesting to read at least a few of each series this year for comparison.

Tokyo Ghoul- This will be my first Manga which I am very excited for. I know Amy owns the subsequent volumes and suspect I will continue the series after Volume One.




If you have read any of these novels, please leave me a comment telling me what you think of them!




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